General Informations

Please use this brief informations to navigate through our website as unfortunately our shop-system does not support multi-language-usage - and the longer the more english speaking customers come and visit our website. Thank you!



  • The models are made out of clay and are 100% hand-crafted - a special souvenir and gift.
  • The building models are done, with very few exceptions, after original historic houses.
  • Find in category "Licht- und Dufthäuser" buildings from different countries, which can be used with a tealight to give it a nice atmosphere. Put incense-oil in the glaced chimney or put it directly on the roof, when the building does not have a chimney. 
  • In category "Räucherhäuser" you find small variants of buildings which you can use as incense-burners, as you can place incense on a small plate underneath the building. See the smoke coming out of the chimney.
  • Choose navigation "nach Gruppen (A, B....) to get an overview by categories (A to F are "lighthouses (tealight)" in different sizes, category R are small incense burners)
  • In category "Räucherfiguren" you find different figures which also can be used as incense burners, same as the small buildings. See the smoke coming out at different openings (mouth, nose i.e.), depending on the model.

Order and processing

  • Shipping in foreign countries is generally no problem, please contact us in advance over the contact-form regarding delivery-time and shipping costs, as these depend on the weight and need to be clarified with local post-office based on the prefered models.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate, to use the contact-form on the page "Über uns".

Thank you!